Contemporary design

ADENTRO* contemporary design was created in 2011 with a single aim: to design and make furniture that bridges classic furniture to the modern world.

Our collection is timeless, representing simple yet meaningful shapes and contours. With such a purity in form and line, the Adentro collection suits a residential as well as professional usage.

We work with only the highest quality materials and take great pride in our craftsmanship during each and every step of production. All of our products are made exclusively in France and in Italy.

Adentro is the culmination of traditional know-how and craftsmanship, yet renders a unique inception. We are privileged to inaugurate a design that bears emotion, sensibility and intelligence amongst our designers.

* Spanish adverb means « Inside, indoors » from latin prefix «Ad, adeo» with the sense of action, moving inside, inside the house.

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